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It was awesome! Still tired from it, but had a great time! I cosplayed as Beatrix from Final Fantasy 9 and I made it 90% by hand, the old fashioned way with a needle and thread and i drafted my own pattern. It was one of the most difficult to make, second most expensive, and longest to put on. The armor was almost as hot and heavy and cumbersome as a real medieval knight's, so bit by bit I ditched more armor each day. Only the hardcore Final Fantasy 9 fans recognized me, but I've learned not to care if nobody recognizes me or asks me for pictures. Unfortunately I only got a few good pictures, but I got lots of pictures of other people, so I'm issuing a spam warning. I went Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, and did events outside the con with my brother on Saturday.I also did the Assassin's Creed Expreience and Leap of Faith where they set up a parkour obstacle course and the Leap of Faith. I completely flubbed the obstacle course and especially the rope swing, but at least I finished the obstacle course with a badass finish. For the Leap of Faith, you got to jump from 25 beet onto this giant mattress thing. A little terrifying, but tame compared to bungee jumping.  I got up super early on Sunday morning so I could go to the Game of Thrones Experience the Realm event, but even so I was NOT waiting in line for six hours for it! The panel I attended instead was probably more fun anyway. I got to attend a panel with George R. R. Martin and I got to meet Mike Mingola and Dav Pilkey.
The haul:
-a Hand of the King pin
-a Nightshade Beautiful Horror shirt which I got for free because the vendors were so impressed i remembered the titles of the artwork even though they had not been there since 2009
-a Miskatonic University Department of Necromancy shirt
-a House Stark shirt (which I'm wearing right now)
-several buttons
-a Tyrion Lannister bobblehead doll
-the Grumpy Cat book
-a Jake plushie keychain

And that brings me here! There's always a bittersweet feeling when a con're sad that it's over and you can't cosplay anymore or meet awesome people and meet the creators of your favorite media or get merchandise you can't get anywhere else or attend anymore panels, but also happy that you won't have to deal with the late nights and early mornings and walking around all day and the hot heavy cumbersome armor. Oh well, have to take everything that comes with a con, but ultimately it's enjoyable and we're sad to see it go. Why else would I be wearing all black when it's ninety degrees? Now let's just hope that Comic Con can stay in San Diego!
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United States
Likes: guinea pigs, cute things, dogs, cats, bunnies, deep sea fish particularly viperfish, fish in general, mollusks, other animals, chocolate, coffee, tea, sushi(made with sustainable fish, of course), Mexican food, Chinese food, Greek food, Italian food, shopping, girly things, trendy clothes, acting, dressing up, copsplaying(though i fail miserably at it), the colors red, silver, blue, green, PINK, magenta, purple, orange, driving people crazy, ghost stories, adventure stories, historical fiction, realistic fiction, reading, writing, drawing, daydreaming, gothic artwork, anime and manga, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, pine trees, hiking, the ocean, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, classical music, video games that aren't too tricky, hot guys, hot guys in armor, hot guys in black trench coats, DEVIANTART

Dislikes: the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Naked Brothers Band, Ke$ha, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Disney Channel, Twilight, Eragon, injustice, gross manners, chronic pain, school, the fact i can't argue to save my life, the color yellow, unrealistically airbrushed models, MATH, getting up early, homework, wasps and other stinging insects, splinters, germs, bad economy

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Current Residence: under piles and piles of textbooks
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal, classical
Favourite style of art: Manga, traditional
Operating System: pc
MP3 player of choice: ipod (if I had one, still stuck in the 14th century)
Shell of choice: abalone
Skin of choice: clear and dewy
Favourite cartoon character: sasori, botan, hellboy, mia, ichigo, cloud, gaara, mai, vincent, ike, soren, toph, all my own
Personal Quote: "D'oh!"-Homer Simpson

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